Shipping information

69. The Seller delivers the online ordered goods through courier company USPS, UPS, FedEx at the address specified by the Customer ATOP ltd. It is not responsible if the order has the status of “delivered” to the courier company, and the customer has claims about it. In this case, the customer must fill out an application that he has not received the order and hand it over to ATOP ltd., So that the latter can start an investigation with the courier company.

70. The Seller carries out the delivery of goods only on the territory of the United States.

71. The goods sold are accompanied by the necessary documents and original packaging.

72. The time of delivery is between 3 and 6 working days. An exception is point 47.

72.1. PRIORITY SHIPPING – The priority shipping guarantees that your order will be processed and fulfilled with priority before the rest of the orders. Such orders will be also processed and fulfilled with priority in case of stock shortage. Those orders are also the first one to be handled to the courier company for delivery. ATOP LLC will not be held responsible if the courier company delayed the order.

73. Delivery cost is USD 4.90 excl. taxes.

74. Delivery of orders for goods of value over USD 60 ( excl. taxes) is free for the Customer.

75. The details regarding the terms of delivery of the goods are indicative and the Seller is not bound by them to execute the delivery on a specific date. The Customer is not entitled to any compensation in case of delayed delivery.

76. Deliveries are carried out from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 18.00 o’clock with the exception of official holidays. There may be an exception for settlements with special service schedule.

77. On the day of delivery, the Customer receives a SMS and/or an e-mail from the courier stating that there is a shipment to be received. If the Customer is not found on the agreed upon day and place and there is no other person to accept the shipment for them, the courier leaves a note that the address has been visited along with contact details. The consignment is returned to the courier’s office to be received upon request. If the Customer does not contact the Seller or the courier company the next day, the order is considered cancelled.

78. The Customer has the opportunity to open and examine the contents of the shipment before paying to the courier.

79. “WOW Tea” or a courier company representative notifies the Customer by phone or email if unforeseen circumstances prevent the timely implementation of the delivery.

80. The Customer agrees that certifying the goods have been received may be executed by a person, for whom, in the circumstances, it may be inferred that they will pass on the information to the Customer – party to the contract.

81. The Customer must inspect the goods at the time of delivery and its handing over by the Seller or courier, and if there are any inconsistencies with the order, must notify the Seller immediately.

82. The risk of loss or damage of the purchased goods passes on to the Customer at the moment when the latter or a third party designated by them, other than the person appointed by “WOW Tea” Courier Company, accepts the goods.USPS, UPS, FedEx9


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