The Best Slimming Trends for 2021

How to make your new start into 2021!

We’ll drop the bomb directly. Is it time for a change? 

It’s always the right time to change.

We bet everybody waited for 2021 to finally come and be different than 2020 – sitting on the coach and watching TV through March till December. Time for action and for plans to start happening. We’re all up for a change, aren’t we? 

To the point now. 

Of course, the new year offers a chance for a restart that leads to a healthier lifestyle and a fit body full of energy. As specialists in natural body transformation and wellbeing, we’d like to talk a bit about the possible (and impossible!) ways to achieve a dream figure – so that you know the Do’s and Don’ts of slimming

When we think of body shaping and weight loss, the first word that comes to mind is the word “diet”. That’s where we got it all wrong.

Cross diets off your #NewYearNewMe list. Here’s why.

Years of research and interviews with dieting people have proven that restrictive diets force short-lived results on the body – to the expense of health, digestion, and good mood.

We don’t have to convince you, you’ve probably tried a couple of diets yourself and you know – they make us cranky, hungry, weak and unhappy. If the price is that high, how can we keep the hardwon results? That’s a question diets don’t answer nicely – the job of losing a few pounds is done, now go be happy about the change!

Diets were the slimming craze 20 years ago. Now they’re not!

Once the diet is over, if you even make it that far, what’s the plan? Does it get easier, how can you go back to living a life you actually like, instead of counting calories and weighing chicken breast 6 times a week? Diets are not a lifelong plan for a fit figure and healthy living. 

They’re an experiment. And as long as the experiment is over, we’re left with trying to keep up the results that we achieved – in ways that are too difficult to be permanent. That’s how and why the post-diet results disappear in time. A phenomena famous as the yo-yo effect. It is unfair.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been played.

C’mon tell us – What is your favorite diet? Keto, Dukan, Paleo, Vegan, Atkins? Let us guess – you like none of them. Neither do we. That’s what they basically tell you not to do, summed up in a one-liner:

“Carbs shall not pass!”

Alright, eggs for breakfast is nice but can you imagine eating meat and tuna all the time? That’s basically the principle behind most weight reduction plans. Throw carbs away. BUT did you know that when you drastically cut on carbs, your brain has nothing to feed on? Because the fuel that keeps our brains going is… carbs. 

In the words of HealthLine:

We feel we’re getting thinner but actually, we’re losing water weight. And starving our brains. The moment the diet stops, the weight loss stops. 

Imagine – if a diet makes you feel irritated, tired, and is bad for your brain and overall health – can it be a way of life? Can it bring a sustainable change – which is very different from quick and short-lived success? No. And that’s a No underlined in red. 

So, what can we do?

Getting fit is hard, BUT there is a trick.

Ready for a secret? Listen closely. Certain herbal combinations have been used for thousands of years because they influence the body like pills and diets never can. Herbs work on a deeper level, detoxing the entire organism from the waste that slows down all its processes, consequently leading to weight gain.  

Here’s what BrightSide has to say on the subject of herbs:

Unlike diets that mostly say “Don’t do that” and keep us severely restricted, herbal teas work in a completely different manner. They restart the body, naturally lower our appetite and kick start fat burning inside the cells. This way we lose weight at a steady pace, as results multiply over time. 

If something has been used for 5000 years, there has to be a reason why.

Simple: because it works.

Lately, the long-forgotten tradition of drinking tea to achieve body goals has found its way back into people’s lives, showing us what the power of Nature can do for our bodies like few other methods ever did. 

After restarting and detoxing the whole organism in a deep and healthy way, herbal blends naturally optimize the metabolic working and lead to visual transformation – from the inside out.

No wonder millions of people are giving it a shot.

Maybe even your own girlfriends!

It’s not surprising that instead of monitoring calories, more and more people prefer to enjoy a delicious daily cup of tea that gives them a natural meta boost, washing toxins away and keeping their fat-burning optimal

It’s not restrictive, it’s tasty, it’s healthy and it allows us to achieve long-lasting results – in terms of beauty, fitness, and wellbeing. Moreover, because the change happens naturally and enjoyably, we can easily keep and maintain the results

Herbal blends are a life-long healthy way of life that only gives us more benefits with time, so we can not only transform our figure, but also improve our health, immunity and wellbeing.  

And that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Now. There’s more.

How much exactly do you know about Biofit routines?

Not much? Great. So let us take it to another level. 

Think of all the promises you gave yourself about living healthy and getting fit. Biofit routines are special programs for healthy living and visible change – made easy to follow and fun to keep up! 

It’s not a time-framed diet, it’s a way of life that comes with countless beauty, health, and weight loss benefits. Instead of focusing on what NOT to do, we focus on the plenty of beneficial things we can do. 

You need a healthy breakfast but can’t think of something that is both delicious and beneficial to your body? The biofit routine has a couple for you. Do you need a detox plan that’s simple and effective? No worries, we got you covered.

It’s a full-stack system that keeps us looking and feeling great.

How about workout plans that you can do at home without the hassle of going to the gym and travelling back home in heavy winter traffic? Yes, and again yes. A biofit routine offers doable and enjoyable ways to tone all over from the comfort of your home – with zero equipment! 

A Biofit routine is more than a couple of tips for body transformation and health. It’s a rich manual for living the natural way – but instead of being complex, it’s super easy to follow. Once you start, it keeps you hooked because it’s simple and fun, while providing lasting results that diets could never produce. Simply because they’re too difficult and restrictive to keep up with. 

The health benefits of embracing a biofit routine include fast metabolism, leaner figure, no toxins, and free radicals in our bodies, which means enhanced immunity and natural rejuvenation.

And here are 3 tips to change the slimming game.

We actually dare you to try them!

    1. Set a timer: Goals work best with a deadline. Science has proven that with a natural, balanced routine our bodies can change within 21 days, so 3 weeks is a great time frame to start and measure the positive transformation. 

    Let’s say, you begin a detox program or a new healthy habit, observe what and how changes in 21 days, and at the end compare the beginning of the journey to the results you’ve got on the 21st day. This way you can decide which natural routine fits your figure, personality, taste and lifestyle, and which one provides the best effect. And when you find it, keep it up.

    Have a smoothie for breakfast or dinner: Meal replacements are an amazing way to fuel your body with super nutrients while keeping the calorie total down. Meal replacements are usually delicious and super healthy because they contain ingredients rich in protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber that keep us full and healthy while helping us reach our body goals in a healthy manner.

    Intermittent fasting – little effort, stunning change: Intermittent fasting is when you have a 12-14-16 hour span between dinner and breakfast. Say you eat dinner at 6 pm. Well, by eating breakfast at 10, you give your body 16 hours of intermittent fasting.

    The benefits are detoxification, better metabolism, and optimized fat burn. If this sounds a bit too long, you can have a meal replacement shake with superfoods for dinner and then a superfood smoothie for breakfast. This way you not only get fewer calories but also a fair amount of super healthy nutrients that naturally keep appetite low and metabolism high.

    Even Harvard Business Review praises the benefits of intermittent fasting:


    Enough said. Time for action!

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