8 Things Everyone Must Know About Detox – But Most Probably Doesn’t

Detox has become a buzzword. From eating that cringe cabbage soup to drinking fresh lemonade, to applying detoxifying plasters to our feet. And of course, the king of it all – detox tea. We do it religiously, although few of us know exactly what detox is, let alone how to do it right. So let’s go back to square 1. 

Unraveling the mystery of Detox. What the F*** is detox anyway? 

Let’s keep it simple. By breathing in a big city, eating fast food for lunch and chilling with a glass or two (or three!) of wine (or God forbid – something stronger!) at night, we contribute to the buildup of toxic waste inside our bodies. How come? Our dear liver and the kidneys which consist the organism’s natural purification system can only process and flush out a certain amount of poisons – not all of it…

That is the only reason we need to ingest detoxing ingredients – to boost and optimize the cleansing work of the organs who do that work anyway. It’s sometimes too much for them though!

This takes us to square 2. Or…

Why do we want toxins out in the first place?

It might come as a surprise, but very often it’s not our busy daily routines but toxins that make us sluggish and tired. Hell yeah! Moreover, unprocessed poisons that remain stuck in the liver, intestines, stomach and blood vessels can cause us to gain weight… In fact, they do slow down our metabolism and cause us to retain water. Hence, the feeling of puffiness and the appearance of being swollen, especially in the belly!

On the other hand, when we don’t boost the work of our detoxification system (meaning kidneys and liver), it starts to lag behind allowing even greater amounts of toxins to remain in the body unprocessed, causing even more weight gain and exhaustion, constipation, irritation, and a reduced feeling of wellbeing. So that’s why we need toxins out, and good, healthy stuff – in. 

Here are the eight most important things about detox than every living soul must know – and if possible – make good use of. Seriously. Read along, it’s all simple, easy and at times even fun 😉

1. You want a stronger immune system? Detox.

Few of us know that over 70% of our immune system is contained within the gut. So by cleansing it from the excess toxins that impede its work, you’ll strengthen your body’s natural defense against infections and inflammations. Including the scary flu too. One more thing: unlike antibiotics that cause monumental damage to the colonies of friendly bacteria within your gut and weaken your immune system in the long run, detox programs restore the microflora and ensure better conditions for the healthy gut bacteria. That’s exactly where wellbeing begins. Trust us on that.

2. Post-detox sleep…nothing is better than that

When the liver is struggling to process toxins, we may find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. The most common toxins-induced type of insomnia is the one that starts with falling asleep quickly and then unexpectedly getting wide awake somewhere around the otherwise sweet spot of 1am-3am…

The mystery behind this kind of sleeplessness is that high levels of toxins in the liver and blood stream actually suppress levels of serotonin – the hormone responsible for our relaxation, the one that diminishes anxiety, provides us with some peace of mind, helps us chill on the couch while there’s work to do! If serotonin levels decrease, we start feeling fidgety and restless. Hence, we’re unable to fall or remain asleep. Again, with the right detox and a bit of healthy patience, we can restore the situation back to where slumber was taken for granted and not chased with a club!

3. Detox is Inflammation’s biggest enemy

What is inflammation? The process of the body battling some intruder or excess within, and failing to win that battle. Inflammation is among the major causes of chronic disease and it begins – where? – in our gut. Moreover, if not anything more serious, inflammation can cause fatigue and headaches, and make us look grayish and aged…

By detoxing our body, we say see inflammation off. Bye bye, chronic whatever. From headaches, to bloating, to inexplicable weight gain, to low serotonin levels! And once toxins leave, our tissues can start regenerating, all of our internal organs can undergo a process of replenishment, our skin can benefit from the power of rejuvenation, while bad breath remains more and more a thing of the past, and headaches are crossed off our list! The list goes on. The list with goodies featured on it.

Detox can be the way to healthy and pretty. Underline healthy. Pretty is only a consequence.

4. Detoxing your liver and gut helps to keep you regular

It’s a sensitive subject, we know. But let’s face it, constipation is not only unpleasant as a sensation but it’s also unhealthy as an event. A non-happening you might say. Okay, enough.

When we only get stuff in, without getting it out, guess what happens? Stuff amasses and starts causing problems. Being a toxic overload in its own way, constipation can be caused by the compromised micro flora of our intestines. And what hampers healthy bowel movements the most are toxins. Of course. Once you get rid of them – be it with fasting, tea, or magic – your body will resume its natural and healthy cleansing cycles. From there, it can only get better.

5. A detoxed liver makes room for happy hormones

Sometimes a troubled liver can cause outbursts of anxiety and anger. Believe it or not. And if you think irritability is a serious enough negative experience, what would you think if you knew that a congested liver can lead to depression, sluggishness, reduced vitality, and whatnot that sounds and feels so much less than terrific. But that’s not the narrative meant for you – if you mean to detox. By cleansing the poor fellow liver, you actually annul the possibility of a liver-related agony being bestowed upon your head. Cleanse, keep clean, and enjoy an overall wonderful existence. Why not?

6. Detoxing can actually Make Your Metabolism Faster. Yeah.

No, you didn’t know that a liver detox program is one of the most effective ways to boost your metabolism! You know why you didn’t know? Because you think that fast metabolism happens by luck to those who are genetically blessed to have it, as opposed to being created by conscious effort.

Well, you’re wrong. Fast metabolism means turning calories into energy instead of storing them as fat. The first condition for this happening is the absence of toxic waste that impedes all the fat burning we’re talking about. You never knew that green tea can make an eaten hamburger disappear into thin air?! Now you do. Cheers with our cup of tea. Wink wink.

7. Toxins mean everything, meh. Detox means plenty of energy and sass

Low energy is a normal phenomenon of the winter months, especially if we’re talking January, February and early March… But once the cold is over and you actually have options to unwrap yourself from the baggy winter garments and walk out of your house, it’s a shame to not have the vim to do so.

Who to blame? Toxins, go ahead and blame toxins. For the lack of energy. For the excess of apathy. For sleeping way too long and not feeling refreshed enough afterwards. For putting on weight you didn’t intend to carry right into spring… Where do we start? Back from that humble cup of hot tea infused with good stuff. Cleansing. Rejuvenating. Transcending, if you wish. And forget all that wishing and wishful thinking already! Get busy, detox, do it right and you’ll know. You will know for sure.

8. A great way to rejuvenate aging cells? DE-TOX

In case you’ve been searching for the fountain of youth up till now, then start from taking the best care possible of your liver. Then do the same with your gut. It doesn’t sound pretty, but it brings pretty into your life. Once you wash out toxins and poisons that might have been hiding in your liver and intestines for literally decades, you will notice how your skin glow returns as fine lines seem to disappear, allowing freshness and smoothness to return to your face. Detox helps make our skin more supple and tight, resulting in less wrinkles and sagging. If that’s not worth it, we don’t know what is. 

What do you think? Will you run to the kitchen to fix yourself a feel-good tea and look amazing in a couple of weeks? You better 🙂