Why we can transform our life, body and mind with the ancient secret of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is very likely the oldest healing system we know of. The sources about its origin go back 5,000 years into the distant past. However, it’s possible that Ayurveda was practiced many centuries before that. It’s mind-blowing to imagine how ancient that actually makes it.

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “The science of life” and it’s not for nothing that some call it The mother of all healing systems. What’s interesting here, is that the method has been widely used not only for preventing and tackling health issues, but also as a way of improving the quality of life of the relatively healthy individual too. This happens by balancing the processes in the body, facilitating the work of internal organs in a natural way and helping the whole organism align its work with the healthy cycles of effort and rest. And as contemporary humans, we know that the imbalance of the same natural processes in the body usually causes us problems. Of course, things can get even trickier when you add our hectic way of life, the insufficiency of time, the polluted air we breathe, the food we eat and the general displeasure we feel about all of the above. 

That is where the practices of Ayurveda can help us a great deal in attuning our bodies to healthy and harmonious functioning, meanwhile strengthening our immunity, balancing our emotions, sharpening our focus, and acquiring a more pronounced overall feeling of comfort, vitality and productivity.  

There are many benefits of including Ayurvedic techniques in our lives. Yet probably the most treasured one is the feeling of balance, strength and inner harmony on physical and mental level. According to the ancient healers, health and wellbeing originate from three places – the body, the mind, and the heart. There’s a saying that goes like: Our focus determines our reality. Translated into scientific language this means that if the processes in the organism are happening with the right tempo and in harmony with the needs of the body, then we will be inevitably calm, grounded, healthy, resilient, younger-looking, happy and smiling. And what is more, if we’re like that most of the time, it’s only natural that we would express our desires easily and directly, we will have more energy for everything, we will be able to meet challenges more firmly, instead of fearing that we might fail.

So we can see how everything is interconnected. It’s this knowledge that serves as the foundation of the immense ancient power of Ayurveda which was used for thousands of years by the most skilled healers and wisemen to bring balance and well being to the body, mind and spirit of people.

A harmonious attitude towards life surely makes it more pleasant to live, turning us into a desired company both for the ones we love and ourselves as well. Ayurvedic practices (yoga, meditation, herbs, breathing) help us not only balance the work of internal organs so that our bodies work in an optimal way, increasing the immunity, concentration and overall health, but also these ancient techniques help us attune our mind and emotions in such a way that we experience joy, happiness and creativity a lot more often than we usually do.   

Ayurvedic practices for well being and harmony on all levels include consumption of special herbs, following food regimens, practicing meditation, drawing, coloring, relaxing, taking walks in nature and breathing exercises. All of those help us harmonize the body and the mind so that we feel healthy, strong, authentic and creative.

This is Ayurveda – a holistic attunement of the whole organism to better functioning, balance on all levels and stronger immunity.  But not only. Ayurveda also encourages us to learn to treat ourselves and others with care and respect. It is maybe because of the richness and depth of the principles for well being offered by Ayurveda that the method survived intact till today. Because it works in favor of better life, health, longevity, body strength, harmony and goodness in all aspects of existence.  

Ayurveda teaches us that in order to become and remain healthy, with strong immunity and high levels of vitality, we need to invest time and effort in order to balance the natural cycles of the body, and also purify it, strengthen it, nourish it, hydrate it with Ayurvedic herbal teas and potions, practice yoga and “pranayama” (breathing exercises). No matter where we start, it’s very likely that we’ll feel a quick and gentle change, noticing that even after a few days of doing yoga or breathing exercises or drinking aromatic tea, our sleep gets better so that we wake up refreshed and our bodies feel light and full of enough energy to go through the day with ease.  And even save up some energy for fun activities! Not to mention that probably won’t get the flu and our feet won’t be cold all the time anymore, neither will we feel exhausted as the first gushes of the April breeze announce that spring has arrived.

How does this happen and what is different?

The answer lies in the gentle attunement of the body and the harmonization of its internal processes. When we’re balanced and healthy, we’re effortlessly positive and attractive. As a movie about galactic princesses had it: What we focus on determines our reality. When we focus on problems, they somehow begin to multiply. On the other hand, when we’re balanced and grounded and our body and mind function in the best possible way, we are free to realize our full potential, achieving our goals with ease and courage. This is another “side effect” of practising Ayurvedic techniques for health and well being. 

So we’ve gone full circle to where we started. If a system survives for 5,000 years, there’s a good reason for that. And most likely the reason is how priceless is that system for the ones using it. So we can only be grateful that Ayurveda exists today and that through its principles we can not only improve our health and the well being of the body, but also balance our mind, boost up our immunity, sharpen our focus and increase our energy. And all that happens without any artificial methods. It’s entirely natural and in harmony with the genuine needs of the body. That is what Ayurveda is all about.